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VC TXD Viewer release

posted on December 15th, 2002

As of today the VC TXD Viewer is available, which allows you to view the textures of Vice City.

VC radar map extracted

posted on November 23rd, 2002

Because of me having made great progress decoding PS2 .txd files, the original Vice City radar map is available for download now.

CollEditor mirrors

posted on November 5th, 2002

Many people reported problems with downloading CollEditor so I copied the files to a few mirror servers.

Poll results and CollEditor release

posted on October 15th, 2002

The poll showed that very many of you prefer an English page (results). Since there are also many German visitors, I will run this page bilingual.

Starting today you can finally download the CollEditor, more about that in the download section.

Poll and Flatbed

posted on September 18th, 2002

I started a poll, so please vote!

Also you can download a modified Flatbed, which offers a ramp to drive up and jump over.

Collision stuff update

posted on September 5th, 2002

After a long time here is an update! There is a new version of the CollMaker (extended options) and the CollViewer, which displays all collision files correctly now.

Furthermore you can find a few screenshots of the CollEditor, on which I am working at the moment. It will make it possible to view collision objects in 3D and to change some properties.

New RotationCalculator

posted on July 30th, 2002

A new version of the RotationCalculator is online. It can now be switched to English.

Probably updates of the COL programs will come soon.

Collision File Tools available

posted on July 26th, 2002

I've uploaded the beta version of my collision file tools. With them you can create your own .col files.

Interview and Loop

posted on July 23rd, 2002

"Fleckenzwerg" from Duke at the Base interviewed me.

Furthermore I managed to decode the format of collision files and so I was able to finish the REAL Loop 2.0 (map).

Site relaunch

posted on July 21st, 2002

On Monday, 22nd of July 2002 was the relaunch of my GTA3 page, which got a completely new design.

The Loop (map) and the RotationCalculator (tool) have been added to the download section.

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